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30th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt!

Play for a chance to win!

Explore the grounds of Witham Field during the Audi Stuart Air Show with our 30th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt! 

We have placed eight Stuart Air Show posters from over our past 30 years all around the event.  If you find five of the eight posters, you will win a balsa plane, while supplies last!


How to play:


1.     Be on the lookout for vintage Stuart Air Show posters.

2.     When you find one, take a photo of it on your phone.

3.     When you have taken photos of five of the eight, visit the info booth.

4.     Show info booth volunteers your five photos.

5.     Collect your balsa plane prize.

6.     Hurry!  We will be giving prizes away until we run out.


Event Map: Go to the info booth once you have completed!

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