*Please be advised that the schedule is subject to change

Saturday, NOVEMBER 2, 2019

10:00am Friends Chorus, a chorus of mentally and physically challenged students ages 5-25, was founded in 2006 by Florida Department of Education Teacher of the Year Connie Dahn. Students will perform in the STEAM World Tent and show attendees why the Arts is such an important part of STEAM!

11:00am Stacey Jones FIRST LEGO League Worldwide Volunteer of the Year will introduce children and parents to FIRST LEGO League, Robotics and speak about how starting children out in elementary and middle school with FIRST LEGO League gets students excited about learning STEM using hands-on competition-based activities and then sets them up for success! She will demo the new Challenge LEGO table and demo the EV3 Mindstorm Robotic kit and the missions on the table with hands-on LEGO to make a LEGO city of the future.

12:00pm 3D Potter, Inc. is a Stuart based company producing 3D printers specializing in printing clay and other paste-like materials. Their gallery features unique 3D printed ceramic gifts and they are visiting the airshow to do a demonstration on this new technology.

1:00pm BSA Aviation Badge Participants will complete most of the requirements to earn their Aviation Badge as set forth by BSA. Upon completion of the activities provided here by a certified teacher, BSA members will only need to purchase and build a battery powered model airplane to earn this badge.

2:15pm Visionary School of the Arts will provide a drawing demonstration for attendees who want to learn more about how to develop their artistic talents!

3:15pm All About Achieving Learning Centers will teach students about coding and programming, sharing the various platforms that children and adults, Pre-K to age 99 can use to learn how to code. Resources, tips and tricks will be provided for those attending to take what they learn and explore far beyond the Stuart Air Show!

4:00pm Woodworker Richard Plourde will explore and build various airplane models, discussing how their design effects their performance. One of the model planes will be raffled off to a lucky participant!

Sunday November 3, 2019

11:00am All About Achieving Learning Centers will provide a Drone Demonstration and obstacle course, discussing the various types of drones and their use, while demonstrating how to program them for use in taking photos, understanding technology or just having fun! Time permitting, attendees may have an opportunity to fly the drones through an obstacle course!

12:00pm Treasure Coast Wildlife will bring some life science to visitors as they present information on the adaptations of various birds and bird species that help them fly!

1:00pm Brownies Fling Flyer Design Challenge Work like an engineer to create a Fling Flyer, an airplane you'll make, and explore what keeps it and other things, such as birds, planes, and space ships, in the air. 1. Learn about forces that affect flight 2. Design and build a Fling Flyer 3. Test your Fling Flyer 4. Analyze and share your results 5. Brainstorm ways to improve your design. When you’ve earned this badge, you'll have learned about the forces that affect flight as you design, build, and test a Fling Flyer. You'll know how to design an investigation—and fine-tune your design after testing it, just like engineers.

2:30pm Daisy Space Science Explorer Explore and observe the sky like a real space scientist. 1. Explore the Sun 2. Observe the Moon 3. Meet the Stars. When you’ve earned this badge, you’ll have explored and observed the Sun, Moon, and Stars.

In addition to scheduled events, children age Pre-K through High School will have an opportunity to complete various STEAM related challenges throughout both program days, including:

Virtual Reality-Take Flight (Technology)
Create a Rainbow (Science)
Design a Play Dough Airplane (Engineering/Art)
Create Flying Machines with Pattern Blocks (Math/Art)
Make Your Own Snow (Science)
Build a Rocket (Science/Technology/Art)
Bat Wing Challenge (Science/Art)
Create a Glider (Engineering/Science)
Create a Aeronautic Timeline (Science/Math)
Zipline Challenge (Science/Engineering/Art)
Solar Observation Challenge (Science)
Understanding Area/Perimeter Through Aeronautics (Science/Math) Create a Weather Cycle Biodome (Science/Engineering/Arts)
GeoBoard Transportation Challenge (Science/Engineering/Arts/Math) DNA Extraction (Science)
Amelia Earhart Meets LEGO (Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Math)

......and much more....